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Old Versions

Check out some of the older flash versions of the site. This is what droidz started out as, some of the designs are pretty cool, but the site eventually grew too big to remain strictly flash. Insert version 3; a complete redesign of the site using more traditional methods.

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Early Concept Site
This is just a simple test thing I did when I first even thought about making a site in flash. Kinda cool, but I tossed the idea after a day or two. (never went live)


Version 1
This is the first version of droidz. It was a pain in the ass the whole time it was up for me. Hard to update, hard to add animations, hard to add anything really. It looked cool though.


Version 1.5 Concept
This has alot of the same kinda features as Version 2, but is bogged down by the lack of expansion that version 1 had. Again though, it does look cool. (never went live)


Version 2
This is the second full version of Droidz. Lots of improvements over the old version. Nice slick look. Hard to update, hard to add animations, hard to add anything really. It looked cool though.


Black Concept
Something I made while I was bored. I was inspired by the font. (never went live)


Version 2 - Redesign
This is the template that first featured the blimps and the whole blue sky color scheme that has lasted to this day. You might notice the holloween / thanksgiving versions look better, they have a crisper cityscape, readable text, and a non-crappy blimp.

- Halloween 06
- Thanksgiving 06


Droidz Ripoff Site
Can you imagine the nerve of this guy!? (just a joke site, a couple of droidz ripoffs were around at the time)

-- Flash sites end --


Droidz Version 3
This is when Adam ported the site over to html. He made the donation process automated. Before I had to manually go through each stick donated on the forum (now stick show off), find the good ones and download them, make an image, insert that image into flash, upload the stick to the server, then link to it within flash, save the swf, and upload it to the server. And now all I needed to do was press either 'Accept' or 'Deny'. Needless to say if Adam hadn't done this, droidz wouldn't of made it.