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These animations were made by Jon aka Liquidsword. It may seem rather concieted to display only my animations on what appears to be a pivot resource site. But, the original intent of the site was to be my personal place to display animations. And thus the reason I only put up my own. You can find both my pivot animations and my flash works here.

All of the animations / collabs are swfs and you will need the flash plugin to load them correctly.


Year 2004

Year 2005

Year 2006

Year 2007

Year 2008

Forum Collabs



| Confinement

| Daydream

Shorts n' Tests

| What to do...

| Hair

| FreeFall

| Knife Fight

| idiot

Old Flash

Droidz Blimps (including the old ones)

Flash 8 +

Droidz Preloader(s)

venG aka Tom's First Preloader

venG aka Tom's Sleek Preloader

Kyrin's First Preloader

Kyrin's Second Preloader

Glenns Preloader